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Yaya Han talks involvement with SyFy's docu-series, Heroes of Cosplay

Yaya Han talks involvement with SyFy's docu-series, Heroes of Cosplay

I definitely think that Cosplay is a global phenomenon and to me, people in other countries and to see how they're cultures enjoy Cosplay is very interesting to me. And it's also very great to...

Jane Espenson's New Web Series 'Husbands'

Jane Espenson's New Web Series 'Husbands'

 Actor Cody Deal goes one on one with acclaimed writer and producer, Jane Espenson at Comic Con 2014 to discuss her latest project, a comedy based web series about marriage equality.

Eddie Izzard, Robert Halmi Sr. & Thomas Vitale talk ‘Treasure Island’

Eddie Izzard, Robert Halmi Sr. & Thomas Vitale talk ‘Treasure Island’

On Saturday May 5, Syfy presents a special one-night movie event, a fresh look on the classic tale of Treasure Island featuring an all-star cast led by Eddie Izzard.  He, along with...

EP Jack Kenny and actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly on S4.5 of Warehouse 13

EP Jack Kenny and actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly on S4.5 of Warehouse 13

  SyFy’s hit series Warehouse 13 returns this coming Monday for the second half of season 4, and showrunner Jack Kenny and stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly recently sat down to answer...

  • Yaya Han talks involvement with SyFy's docu-series, Heroes of Cosplay

    Yaya Han talks involvement with SyFy's docu-series,...

  • Jane Espenson's New Web Series 'Husbands'

    Jane Espenson's New Web Series 'Husbands'

  • Eddie Izzard, Robert Halmi Sr. & Thomas Vitale talk ‘Treasure Island’

    Eddie Izzard, Robert Halmi Sr. & Thomas Vitale talk...

  • EP Jack Kenny and actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly on S4.5 of Warehouse 13

    EP Jack Kenny and actors Eddie McClintock and Joanne...

From television’s Tarzan to the big screen’s Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze, Ely’s 6-foot-4-inch muscular frame made the scenery cower when he stepped before a camera.  
    Season 3 of Syfy’s most popular series, Warehouse 13, wraps up this Monday with a 2 hour season finale. Given that the show has already been renewed, series star Eddie McClintock recently gave some hints about what to expect in the finale, and in this year’s Holiday special during a conference call to the Syfy Digital Media group.
The Gay Youth Chronicles is a collection of more than 30 novels by the prolific Mark Roeder which spans more than 60 years in direct continuity (from the mid 50’s to current time) and involves a group of inter-related characters in Indiana. Some elements of the novels go much further back in time and to the end of life for some of the most beloved characters, so cover a more significant period. The novels are truly groundbreaking in their coverage of relevant issues to the gay community, and especially to young people discovering who they are. The first written novel ...
Eight time Winter Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno and actress/author Danica McKellar star in the SyFy original movie, Tasmanian Devil. The pair recently answered questions about their careers and the SyFy Movie for a panel of Digital Press.  
Check out the photos and news from this year's SyFy digital press tour in Montreal. The tour includes the sets of Being Human and SyFy's new series from Ron Moore, Helix.
Born in Mexico City, Fernanda began her singing career as part of the sensational teen-pop group Fryzzby, signed under BMG. Although she originally distanced herself from the industry to pursue a career in Fashion Design, she ultimately returned to her roots as an entertainer. Recently, Fernanda filmed PENDEJO with Danny Trejo, MISSION PARK, with Vivica A. Fox, NUMBER RUNNER, her first British production, with star Jon-Paul Gates, FIGHTER’S CHANCE with the former boxer Evander Holyfield and the pilot for NBC, COUNTY with Aimee Garcia and Jason Ritter. Soon she will be on set filming next to the Oscar winner, Cuba ...
Written and directed by Tyler Perry, Patrick Faucette plays the role of Tony Watson, the long lost father of Benny Young played by Tyler Lepley.  His character creates quite a stir in the lives of the “have nots” with his renewed interest in the life of his son,  it’s a point of conversation throughout the whole series including the mid-season finale!  The network recently ordered 16 additional episodes due to the high ratings and great response from the audience. How cool is that for the drama lovers?! Patrick has also appeared in notable films and television shows such as: “The Office,” ...
Following the buzz of Sharknado and the phenomena of Shark Week on Discovery Channel, Griff Furst hopes to capitalize his passion for the marine monsters in his latest film Ghost Shark.
  I still think, personally, that when it comes to performance art, anything that you can do with a true actor in the makeup, in a prosthetic is superior to a digital effect, not because the digital designs aren't beautiful and the artists aren't talented, simply because you're removing that all-important aspect of having emoting through a makeup is even...  
  Jonathan Goldstein is probably best known for his work on the popular series, This American Life, but in my opinion - WireTap, which features Goldstein as both host and writer, elevates his profile as a storytelling genius.  
Overdrive Orchestra is an alternative/hard rock band from the mid-Michigan area. Vocalist and guitarist Chris Cranick, bass guitarist Adam Bogues, and drummer Brandon Miller have made a name for themselves at various venues around the state.   
Since I’m not the biggest superhero know-it-all, I won’t go around boasting this film as the greatest or worst of all time. That said, this film was infinitely better than Superman Returns, a tacky remake that we’d all rather forget.
The fact is, people need to actually look for the artists that send a truthful and honest message. And for me, this is where real uniqueness and creativity is found. My most recent discovery was a Midwest rapper from Chicago, Illinois named Chancellor Bennett, more commonly known by his stage name Chance the Rapper.
Explosion! [Cars crashing] Another explosion!! Cue a sarcastic John McClane with a conveniently found assault rifle, “I’m here on vacation!”
Anderson never strays from his well-known nature shots and use of vibrant colors to genuinely show the emotion and detail of the characters and their surroundings.
Being one of the most famous artists out right now, there is a lot of temptation for commercialism. I have faith he will remain real and this album is proof of his geniality.
Rilke goes after criticism, essentially minimizing it as meritless drudge. "Works of art are of an infinite loneliness and with nothing so little to be reached as with criticism." See, he places art on this tragically appealing pedestal while dismissing the process of art's valuation.
The mainstream is simply a pacifier and unless listeners care about the content of what they listen to, violent-rich themes and the insensitivity towards women will continue to hinder the beauty of this struggling genre.  
This movie is delightfully fun, yet not exactly what you think it is. In the end, there is not a dull moment as the audience is constantly thinking about what has happened or is going to happen.  
Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Devon Werkheiser found his passion for performing at an early age, starting in musical theater at age 7, followed by commercials, TV and film. He developed his skills as a singer/songwriter after being signed to Universal Music at age 16 and working with many well-known songwriters around LA. As an actor, Devon is well known for his starring role as Ned Bigby in Nickelodeon’s hit TV series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Since graduating from Ned’s, Devon has appeared in a variety of films and TV series. He recently finished work on ...
This rising actress who started her acting experience filming shorts "J.A.W." and "Quiet", led her to want more, despite her promising professional ballet career. Since the age of 13, new actress Jaclyn Betham has danced for such companies as San Jose Ballet, Houston Ballet, and continued her work with Anaheim Ballet, Luminario Ballet, and the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers as their ballet soloist. Currently, Jaclyn teaches ballet at The Edge Dance Studio in Hollywood and also has her non-profit Betham Ballet Theater. Outside from dance, Jaclyn will be appearing as Amanda Cryer in the upcoming Tyler Perry drama series "The Haves and ...
  As long as you can get over the fact that you have artists such as Fergie and Jay-Z playing during the roaring 20's parties this movie is a perfect summer hit!  
Jake T. Austin, probably best known for his voice over work as Diego in the Nickelodeon cartoon and as Max on Wizards of Waverly Place, takes on a new role in ABC Family’s The Fosters. Jake plays Jesus Foster, the foster child of an inter-racial lesbian couple on the new series which premieres on June 3. Jake recently took time to answer questions for an assembled panel about the new series and his past work.
In a reunion of sorts, SyFy has cast two of the stars of the cult classic Galaxy Quest, in a special episode of Warehouse 13. Enrico Colantoni and Missi Pyle will be guest starring on Warehouse 13 this Monday, May 13 at 10PM in a special film noir flashback episode. EP Jack Kenny recently joined the two to answer questions about the episode.
Tony Curran and Jaime Murray, two of the stars of Defiance who portray Datak Tarr and Stahma Tarr, members of an alien race called the Castithans recently sat down to answer questions about their characters and SyFy’s hit series.
As SyFy’s hit series Warehouse 13 enters the 2nd week of season 4.5, series stars Saul Runinek, Allison Scagliotti and Aaron Ashmore sat down to answer questions about the series, their characters and where the show is going for the second half of the season.
    When the ear first hears Tina Fey’s name you rightfully expect a rom-com about teenage angst such as Mean Girls. However, in this case my friends, you are delightfully wrong and get a new, clean look on the college admittance process and the people behind the desk.
Going into The Place Beyond The Pines I wasn't entirely sure about what to expect but I knew enough having read the brief synopsis online. Played out over a seamless three acts, (you can clearly tell where one ends and another begins), the film is impeccable. If anything, it's one of the best films I'll see all year.
2013 is a big year musically for Drew. He stars in the ABC Family TV movie LoveStruck: The Musical opposite Chelsea Kane, which features his over-the-top rendition of Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” set to air April 21. In conjunction with the new movie, Drew co-wrote and performed “Here & Now,” the theme song to ABC Family’s spring promotional campaign. The song will be featured on Drew’s brand new dance-pop EP set to be released in April. Drew recently participated in a Q&A for the new film.

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