Monday, February 08, 2016
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Michigan Music Making a Comeback: Overdrive Orchestra


By Patric Germay

OO1Overdrive Orchestra is an alternative/hard rock band from the mid-Michigan area. Vocalist and guitarist Chris Cranick, bass guitarist Adam Bogues, and drummer Brandon Miller have made a name for themselves at various venues around the state. Most recently, they played several shows in the Big Rapids area where they attended school at Ferris State University. Now they have big plans for the future and I had the opportunity to chat with them on the phone to discuss their next moves.


MediaBlvd>  How was your band formed?

 Adam: We were formed from the standard sperm and egg combination. We never played with any test tube babies or anything.

Chris: There was that one guy in high school…but maybe not.

MediaBlvd>  How did you guys start playing together? 

Chris: We went to high school together, and middle school before that. We kinda just jammed for fun, nothing too serious. We played a lot of “Smells like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

Adam: We went “up” to Chris’ basement. And the only song we both knew at the same time was “Smells like Teen Spirit” so we jammed that for like half an hour. I don’t know, me and Chris have been good buds since middle school so we’ve always done stuff together.

MediaBlvd>  Based out of Michigan, do you believe your location has helped or hindered your band's path to success?

Chris: I would say so. Obviously, we were both raised here so I’m definitely proud of where I came from. But I’d say a little bit of both though. We have a pretty good following where we are but not really much outside of Michigan.

Adam: We are kind of secluded. We did have a lot of success in Big Rapids where we went to school. We got a lot of love there. DJ Snipes really helped us out a lot. He put a lot out for us. I would say it was slightly secluded outside of Big Rapids and of course Grand Rapids…within reason [and] while going to school.

Chris: I guess it gave us a lot of experience as musicians and a lot of practice so now we’re at a really good point musically, we just have a lot of experience being secluding in Michigan so we’re ready to take on some larger markets.

MediaBlvd>  What is the main source of inspiration for your music?

OO2Adam: Pretty much the need to create something.

Chris: Yeah, it all goes back to Legos. As a kid, I loved Legos, I loved making s***. And as an adult, it’s really satisfying to be able to make things.

Adam: It’s the same thing, making music is like building Legos.

MediaBlvd>  How is your music unique from others in your genre?

Chris: Well, I wouldn’t really say that we stick to one particular genre. So I guess that in itself sets us apart from other bands and various genres we play. We pretty much just play what we like.

Adam: We play what we like and we support music that doesn’t suck.

How would you describe your lyrical message?

Chris: I would say it’s a response to current events. And I try to keep it as honest and open as I can because I want to make a connection with the listener. But really, it’s just my response to what’s going on around me.

MediaBlvd>  Where do you hope to be with your music, five years down the road?

Chris: I’d really like to be further downstream, getting to a broader audience [and] making that connection on stage with the audience and ourselves.

MediaBlvd>  What would be your advice for fellow aspiring musicians?

Adam: I would say, keep it up. Follow the yellow brick road.

MediaBlvd>  What was your favorite show to perform at?

OO3Chris: As far as festivals go, we played at Ferris Fest and that was one of my favorite shows to play at. We played to a huge audience. We played there a few years in a row. One time, [we played] with Kabare, FranjiONE, and King Rut, and many other great bands the following year.

Adam: I would say personally my favorite was various house parties we’ve done. My favorite though, was one we did with Lot Lizards and Spicy Placenta. That was a great one.

Chris: That was a hell of a show. We’ve also had a lot of great shows with Flappers & Philosophers, another band from the Big Rapids area. [There’s] a lot of good talent coming out of that area.

MediaBlvd>  What artists have heavily influenced your music?

Chris: Probably not one artist in particular. We take techniques from what we hear and what we like.

Adam: We just take a little bit from everything. We try to steal like bank robbers and find what we like. We hope to do our own little twist and pretty much support music that doesn’t suck.

Chris: And they say that the best art is stolen.

MediaBlvd>  Where can fans readily find your music?

Chris: It would be at And you can get our EP, 407 on there for free. We have a new EP coming out very soon entitled Heading East, so you can always check for that on there in the next few months.

MediaBlvd>  What projects are you currently working on?

Chris: Like we said earlier, we actually just finished mastering our next EP. It’s going to be five songs and we’re going for a more album-oriented type of thing. So you gotta listen through it in one sitting.

Adam: This album is somewhat like a journey or experience. We tried to make it more of a mood album. It’s more an acoustic EP. 407 is when we first met our drummer Max Griffith at the time and it was more of an explosion of sound. This time, it’s more of a laid back, focused, acoustic, with more mellow jams. Also be sure to be on the lookout for our new single. It’s going to be called “Sally”. It’ll be out in the next few weeks.


Overdrive Orchestra

Their EP, 407, is available for free download at



Patric Germay is a student at Ferris State University studying Music Industry Management. In between his legendary ability to quote Seinfeld ad infinitum and his classy appreciation of Frasier, he pours his soul into the power of words, writing and performing his own brand of alternative hip-hop under the moniker, Kabare. His aim is to deliver lyrical style with a potent message. Check out some of his tunage. Also, he wonders why they call it Ovaltine when both the mug and jar are round. It's gold, Jerry. Gold.


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